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Diving and Snorkeling

One of the more popular sports for Floridians is underwater diving. Local waterways have many beautiful reefs and colorful marine life. Snorkeling and scuba diving bring out many visitors and residents to the beaches, rivers and offshore spots to "Enjoy Our Good Nature" underwater.

While several natural reefs lie offshore, four artificial reefs are popular dive spots that contribute to a $5 million off-season visitor trade. The idea for the reefs started through the efforts of 13 "Re-tire-eefs" interested in boosting the marine life in the area and providing offshore breakwaters to fight erosion along local beaches. Coordinated more than 15 years ago, the reefs were first built from old tires, no longer recyclable. Then came the bathtubs, toilets, the cement mixer and refrigerators sunk to the bottom and, finally, the Reef Advisory Committee organized the sinking of the USS Rankin, a 459 ft. attack cargo ship commissioned in 1945.

Beaches Offering Snorkeling
and/or Diving

S = Snorkeling D = Diving
Stuart Beach S
Jensen Beach Sea Turtle S
Hobe Sound Beach S
Bathtub Reef Park S, D
Bob Graham Beach S
Alex's Access S
House of Refuge S, D
Chastain Beach Access S, D
St. Lucie Inlet State Park S, D
Hobe Sound Wildlife Refuge D
Blowing Rocks Preserve S, D
The reefs are located approximately three to eight miles offshore. Area oceanographers have photographed thriving marine life amid marine life amid the decks of the Rankin and other junk collections. The State of Florida, Department of Natural Resources, authorizes all the artificial reefs. Diving for lobsters is a tastefully rewarding pastime for residents and visitors alike. There is a two-day lobster season for sport divers in July, prior to the regular season. Limits are 6 lobsters / crawfish per day per diver. The regular season is August 1 - March 31. Limits are 6 per person or 24 per boat, whichever is greater. Crawfish can be taken by hand only. The Florida Marine Patrol regulates the local waters and underwater for violations. Local dive shops have "tips" on the best spots and rules and regulations for safe diving.

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