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President's Report

President's Report

In the most recent Florida Chamber Foundation’s “By the Numbers”, the Florida Chamber Foundation takes a look at the final job numbers for 2017 and other updates to Florida's TheFloridaScorecard.org.

Every hour, $879,000 of income migrates to Florida. Many high tax states in the northeast are losing residents to Florida; in fact 88,500 net new people in one year have moved to Florida from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania alone.

Overall, job creation in Florida is up, with 167,800 jobs created.  Florida is the third highest state in number of jobs created. Our job growth rate is 2.0 percent (the tenth-highest growth rate in the nation) compared to the U.S. growth rate of 1.6 percent. Florida's unemployment rate remains steady at 3.9 percent. There are 398,000 Floridians looking for jobs and Florida has 250,100 open jobs in our state.

 Our consumer sentiment is at is at 98.9% and improving, we had 116.5 million visitors spending $111.7 billion, the main reason we don’t have a state income tax! We average $2.389 billion in sales tax revenue a month and improving. Our poverty rate is down to 14.8% and improving, high school graduation rate is 82.3% and improving. Results of a recent poll showed 56% thinks we’re heading in the right direction while 27% believe we’re heading in the wrong direction. Our population is 20.98 million and growing by hundreds daily.

 Overall we are in an admirable position thanks to a strong economy and sound leadership in our State. Not to put a damper on an upbeat report, we must keep in mind, it’s all about the economy.  Keep in mind that the economy is fickle and at times unpredictable and will slow down some time.  We should take precautions to insure having reserves to get us through rainy days!

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