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President's Report

President's Report

Joe Catrambone, Stuart/Martin County Chamber of Commerce President/CEO

The August 28, 2018 Primary Election
is rapidly approaching, of course voting by mail and
early voting has already begun.

The political arm of the Stuart/Martin County Chamber of Commerce, C-PAC has been actively encouraging all citizens to VOTE! We do not endorse candidates other than those vying for a Martin County Commission seat and do support other initiatives and issues. Case in point we did not endorsed a candidate in the District 4 Martin County Commission race; however we’ve asked voters NOT to vote for the incumbent Commissioner Sarah Heard. While conducting several polls the results chose “Ethics in Elected Officials” as their number one issue of concern, second only to the environment!

We endorsed the Martin County School District’s referendum for a half-mil property tax increase for education. We’ve learned over many years of attempting to get sales or ad valorem taxes increased the voters had to embrace the end use of the taxes raised. Many years ago in the 1980’s Martin County voters turned down a sales tax to support a minor league baseball team, while years later it supported a sales tax for Fire Rescue & EMT support. In the current referendum the money would assist funding security in our schools for the safety of our children amongst other things. We feel a more than worthwhile cause, who doesn’t want that?? We encourage voting YES for the referendum!

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