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The Stuart/Martin County Chamber of Commerce plays a significant role in the business climate and economy of our area. Martin County is one of Florida's sustainable communities, and the mission, programs and activities of the Chamber are vital to the region. 

The Chamber takes pride in the benefits and services we provide to our 1,300-plus members, the community and its visitors. Our user-friendly award winning website,, contains a Community Calendar; a member search directory, which lists our members both alphabetically and by business category; Member News, providing press releases of our members and the community; plus a myriad of demographics, statistics and other information about our county. The Dining & Nightlife Guide provides a comprehensive and user friendly directory of chamber restaurants, lounges and entertainment.


Acting as the “front door” of our community, we provide relocation packages including current demographics. We offer business counseling and a myriad of networking opportunities.

C-PAC, the Chamber’s Political Action Committee, promotes participation in the political process on issues affecting our area. The Chamber actively recruits member volunteers to serve on its committees and task forces. These include State, Local and National Government Affairs and Transportation committees. 

The Chamber is also involved in the River Coalition, a group of 100 organizations bonded together to take legal action against the government entities responsible for polluting our rivers and estuaries. Whether appearing before the City Commission, the Board of County Commissioners, the state Legislative bodies, the U.S. Senate or House of Representatives, the Chamber is involved in all aspects of our business and community life.

LEADERship Martin County, established in 1990, is an annual ten-month program, now in its 31st year. We select 30 applicants to participate in learning more about the community. The purpose is to develop leaders in our community. Martin Youth LEADERship program, a project of LEADERship Martin County Alumni is an opportunity for high school sophomores and juniors throughout Martin County to develop and enhance their leadership skills. Students must apply and only 35 are selected to participate in this comprehensive nine-month program that is modeled after LEADERship Martin County.

Whether appearing before the City or County Commissioners or lobbying the State Legislature or Congress on issues affecting business, or providing scholarships for local students, those volunteers involve the Chamber in all aspects of community life.

The Stuart/Martin County Chamber of Commerce is a member of the countywide Council of Chambers, an organization consisting of the five county Chambers of Commerce, formed to discuss common issues, provide unified effort in speaking out to represent business interests of the area.

The Chamber works with the Economic Council of Martin County and is a founding member of the Business Development Board of Martin County. Throughout our site, you will notice many organizations adding to the quality of life Martin County offers.

What is a Chamber of Commerce?

A CHAMBER OF COMMERCE IS a voluntary organization that unites the business and professional people in an effort to expand the economy of the area.

A CHAMBER OF COMMERCE IS business people concerned about improving the area they do business in, and are willing to do something about it actively.

Its strengths lie in the number and diversity of its membership. Both large and small businesses from virtually every profession are represented and influence investments in the Chamber. THE MEMBERS ARE THE CHAMBER!

The more members the Chamber has, the better it can represent the business community. It accomplishes collectively what no business can do alone.

Today, Chambers of Commerce have become community organizations which recognize all the factors that affect the community and adjust its program accordingly.

A Chamber is NOT...
  • A department of the city, county, or state government.
  • A political party, a civic club, or professional society.
  • A social service, welfare, or charitable insitituion.
  • A private advertising, publicity, or public relations agency.

Its purposes are to...
  • Unite, inform and represent business in Martin County
  • Provide leadership on economic and political issues
  • Promote a progressive and healthy business climate
  • Provide efficient service to its membership to general public and visitors
  • Act as the “front door” to our community

2021-22 Board of Directors


2021-22 Trustees

The Stuart/Martin County Chamber of Commerce is the voice of business in the community.

Important Facts

These are some facts which you will find invaluable in speaking with membership prospects and will help give you a better overall understanding of your Chamber.

The Stuart/Martin County Chamber of Commerce:

  • Has 1,300 members
  • Is a not-for-profit corporation
  • Investment is 100% tax deductible as a business expense
  • Encompasses the entire Martin County area
  • Has a five-member professional staff
  • Is the lobbying organization for general business in Martin County

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Stuart, FL 34994

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