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The Best Tools for Online Collaboration

In the wake of the coronavirus, you may find that the way you run your business has changed. Some or all of your staff may be remote at this time. However, projects still need to be completed, so it’s important that you learn how to efficiently collaborate with your team online. When you’re done reading this blog post you’ll know all of the best tools to use to begin the process of running your business remotely.

ProofHub for Project Management

ProofHub is an excellent project management software that you can use to plan out all of your work. You’ll have the ability to assign tasks to your team members, create time reports, chat with your team, start a group discussion, set up reminders, take notes, and even make timesheets. If you’re looking for a way to unify your staff and ensure that the work for your business continues to get done on time, then ProofHub deserves your attention. Free trials are available.

Salesforce for Customer Support

It’s crucial that you keep up with customer support during this pandemic and Salesforce will make that easy for you. It will allow you to give your customers personalized support in a fast and efficient manner when they visit your website. You can also use it to implement customer support for your business through email, phone, and social media. Pricing starts at $25 a month.

Skype for Communication

If you’re looking for a professional way to have video calls with your staff, then Skype is a great option. You’ll also be able to chat with your team when you’re not using the video call feature, so it’s a wonderful way to keep in touch with everyone during the workday. The best part is it won’t cost you anything to start using this app.

Google Docs for Documents

No matter what kind of document you need to write, you can use Google Docs. Whether you want to create a sales letter or a spreadsheet, you can count on this online software to complete your work. When you’re done with your project you can share it with your team members via email and they’ll be able to edit it. This is a great tool if you need more than one person’s attention on any one document and it’s free to use.

KeepNotes for Organization

KeepNotes is an app you can download on your phone to write and safely store your notes. So, the next time you’re on a Zoom meeting you can ditch the pen and paper and take all of your notes on your phone. It’s simple to use, free, and it's a great way to stay organized during meetings, phone calls, or when you’re working.

Clockify for Time Tracking

If you want a free time tracking solution for your staff, then Clockify is your best bet. Not only will you receive daily time reports for your staff, but you’ll also be able to see how much time is being spent on individual projects. This is great information to have when you’re reviewing your business expenses at the end of the month.

BambooHR for Time Off Requests

BambooHR is a fantastic way to handle time-off requests from your staff online. Your employees will simply sign into the app and request the days they would like off. As soon as that happens, you’ll get an email notifying you of that. It couldn’t be any easier and it’s the perfect tool to have at your disposal when you need to manage your staff remotely.

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