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what to do to keep your office clean and prevent the spread

How to Prevent the Spread of the Coronavirus at Your Business

If you run an essential business, you must do your part to halt the spread of the coronavirus. As long as your doors are open, you have to do everything in your power to create a safe environment for your employees and customers.

Only Healthy People on Your Staff

If one of your employees comes to work with symptoms of the coronavirus, you need to send them home immediately. You simply can’t risk infecting the rest of your staff or your customers. You should also consider asking employees with sick relatives to go home as well. You really can never be cautious enough when it comes to stopping the spread of this virus.

Wash Your Hands Please

Handwashing is now of the utmost importance in the workplace. Do everything you can to encourage your employees to wash their hands throughout the day. If this means putting up signs to remind them, then so be it. If it’s not feasible for your employees to wash their hands every time they accept a package from the mailman or take money from a customer, then place bottles of hand sanitizer on all workplaces.

End of the Day Disinfection

There’s no question about it, your place of business needs to remain clean. Disinfecting all surfaces at the end of each workday is a great habit to put into place. This includes all door knobs, counters, telephones, and cash registers. If you simply don’t have the time to do this, then consider hiring a cleaning service to get the job done.

Don’t Stand So Close

If there’s no reason for your employees to stand right next to each other, then have them stand at least 6 feet apart. Yes, this may seem overzealous, but if it helps keep your staff healthy, then it’s worth it. If this is not possible, then start thinking about which of your employees can work from home.

Gloves and Masks Please

There’s no reason to stop your staff from wearing gloves and masks. In fact, you should encourage it. You may think that the sight of gloves and masks will distract your customers, but the health of your staff needs to remain your top priority. As long as they don’t prevent your employees from working there is no reason not to wear them.

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