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How to Keep in Touch with Your Customers During the Coronavirus

The coronavirus has changed our day to day lives. As a business owner, you can see this as an insurmountable problem or a chance to do things a little differently. One opportunity for positive change in your business is to start focusing on new ways to keep in touch with your customers. This blog post will give you tips that you can start using today to keep the lines of communication open with your customers and let them know your business is still here.

Keep Your Social Media Accounts Active

Many of your customers are at home right now and they are more than likely spending a fair amount of time on social media websites. This is the perfect opportunity for you to meet them where they are by updating your social media accounts daily. Take time every day to create posts about sales, new products, information on your niche, and local news stories, as well as anything funny or heartwarming. You see, you don’t just want to post about your business. That wouldn’t be interesting and your customers would just tune you out. Make it your goal to create a variety of posts that inform, educate, and entertain.

Send Out a Weekly Email

If you have a customer email list, then use it to send out weekly emails. You can use these messages to send out promotional materials, like coupons and sales flyers. You can also use them to announce changes in your business, such as store hours or new policies concerning the coronavirus. Remember, if you want to make the most impact with these emails, then only send them out once a week. If your customers start getting daily emails from you, they’re less likely to open them up.

Check In With Text Messages

If you have a good relationship with a few of your customers, then consider texting them once every other week to see how they’re doing. These messages don't need to be long or drawn out. Just a short text to check in with them and let them know you’re here to talk to. After all, if you’re feeling stressed, then there’s a good chance your customers are as well. Sometimes, in the midst of a crisis, it’s nice to receive a friendly message.

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