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affordable ways to give back to your community during pandemic

How to Give Back to Your Community During the Coronavirus

Now is a wonderful time to start giving back to your community, especially to those who are in need. Use the ideas in this blog post to help make your town a better place to live for everyone.

Give Away Free Masks

Just because we all need to wear masks when we go out into public, doesn’t mean that everyone can afford to buy masks, disposable or otherwise. Think about it. There are still people who are out of work and they need masks as much as everyone else. You can be a tremendous help by buying a few boxes of masks and giving them away at your business. Simply put a sign on your door that says “Free Masks for All."

Give Away Coffee in the Morning

Not everyone is able to purchase a cup of coffee in the morning for one reason or another. Why not make everyone's day by offering free coffee in the morning? It’s a kind gesture and it doesn’t cost a lot of money either. To get the word out for this one to the most amount of people, advertise your java giveaway on your business FaceBook page.

Give Away Hand Sanitizer to a Local School

School is back in session and students and teachers will need hand sanitizer for the entire school year. Do your part to help by purchasing bottles of hand sanitizer and donate them to a nearby school. They will appreciate your kind gesture and will certainly put the hand sanitizer to use.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post. It never hurts to be helpful and you can never start soon enough. If you don’t have the funds to implement these ideas, then start by being as kind as you can to the people you interact within your community. Kindness is free and we all can certainly use a lot of it right now.

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