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How to Find Employment & Reliable Employees in Martin County

The Stuart/Martin County Chamber website provides a valuable resource to match employees with employers. Chamber member businesses have the ability to post available job openings free of charge, which can be viewed by the general public, as well as Chamber members.


Who sees the job postings?

The Job Postings page is located under the Business tab of the Chamber website. Chamber members can also view the postings on their personal Member Information Center when they log into their account. The Chamber also posts the listings on Facebook with a direct link to the Job Postings page of the website. The Chamber website is also viewed by potential residents from all over the world, looking to relocate to Martin County, and in search of employment.

Why should you post your jobs on the website?

Fellow Chamber members are an invaluable source of potential employees, so through the Job Postings page, members are made aware of open positions, and are more inclined to refer a potential employee to a fellow Chamber member. The website is promoted through numerous avenues, such as Martin County and City of Stuart governments, Business Development Board, Florida Chamber of Commerce, Chamber member websites and many more. The website is also advertised on the big screen at the Regency Cinema in Stuart.

What are other employment resources?

The Chamber has a great selection of employment service members who are ready to help with all of your staffing needs. Just visit the Member Directory and search for employee and employment services. On the Job Postings page, you will also find advertisements from employment companies with direct links to their websites. Always do business with a Chamber member, as they are reliable, and you are more likely to be satisfied with the outcome.

For more information on how you can post your job on the website, or advertise your company, contact Sue Hedgepeth at 287-1088, ext. 104 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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